Sweet Serenades and Kool Aid Dreams

Echolalia Radio EP 14: Ghosting the Last Desire

A laid back show full of Sweet Serenades and Kool Aid. We bring you the usual heady mix of brilliant Spoken Word and Poetry plus a sublime mix of brand new and Classic music.
We have a fantastically eclectic mix of poets. Some thoughtful words from Robert Creeley, Langston Hughes and Graham Nunn. An amazing piece of spoken word Gnomes Go Fake Landlord Syndrome in which Binary Gnome gives us a strange look at societies future. Nicole Blackman dark edged Spoken Word piece Want, More heart wrenching poetry from ListenerFalling in love with glaciers and Bif Naked with the virtues of her profession in Singing.

We have a brand new remix from The New Division they’ve taken Song Of Returns – Tides and mixed it to an upbeat and spell binding conclusion.
Some new laidback tracks from COVES – LAST DESIRE the sublime  Dakota Melin – The Sea, brilliance from REverb Rock with The Forrest and the Moon and magical Bunny’s A Swine – Lasell.

A tongue in cheek look at the world from Future Bible Heroes with Keep Your Children In A Coma and some classic David Lynch featured in Dark Night of the Soul from Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse           



Bastion of Milk & Honey

Echolalia Radio


Time to relax into the sweet goodnight and let another edition of Echolalia Radio Wash over you!

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We have got a great selection of brand new track and phenomenal new remixes. Scotland’s finest Song of Return bring us a sublime remix of Kids a brilliant track from one of the USAs greatest exports The New Division.

A band I don’t play enough of Asthmatic Astronaut remix Mr Morse’s Collapse. Its a true gem sent from the orbiting black star! Find it on Black Lanterns Collapse Remixes.

Wullae Wright who we’ve played before is known for his acoustic prowess! His track A Story Of A Wall is reborn in this delightful midnight club remix from the electroscopic Ambrose Chappel.

The ever present David Lynch gives us a haunting new track Say It from his fabulous new album The Big Dream. An artist that I’m into at the moment Cloud Boat bring us Bastion from the new one Book Of Hours           

Plus the brilliant Public Service Broadcasting with rock ze roll madness in Signal 30. A great slice of futures past with Death in June‘s track We drive East.

The absolutely amazing track Time (Feat. Sacred Animals) from Ireland’s beautiful Young-Wonder. Softly softly comes The Señors of Marseille with Too Late and some post Melancholy from joys only child Princess Reason with We are splitting.

Of course we love our spoken word and this episode of Echolalia has got some amazing spoken word. Dylan Thomas timeless poem Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night. A brilliant social and racial view from Akala with Find No Enemy. A philosophical look at life through Keeping Things Whole from Mark Strand    some more extraordinary musings from the the heroic Listener with You have never lived because you have never died

Plus a cause that is close to my heart The West Memphis Three a fantastic reading of Damien Echols Death Row Letter Year 16 1/2 from Johnny Depp.

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Take what you can keep your pens ready and your minds sharp. The world needs to hear all of us…

With A Sigh My Heart is Glued By Tears


I dreamt that I ran to your constantly fading arms, in a snow storm of dying butterflies…

Welcome to another exquisite episode of Echolalia Radio in this episode i want your heart to sing and soul to weep with joy to the hand-picked poets and musicians that are assembled here to catch every tear.

We begin proceedings with Three heart felt songs from the beautiful My Kappa Roots, Cloud Boat and The Cinematic Orchestra  and two emotionally charged poems from Sarah Walker – Eclipse and Aubade in Autumn by Peter Everwine read by the brilliant Sondra Morin.

A fallen hero of mine Jeff Buckley brings us Lilac Wine to sip while we admire The Red Paintings and Into the Dust – Mazzy Star while Nicole Blackman and Ian McBryde rip pages from the Black Books and muse on life.

Joining us at this soiree will be an artist I admire breatherholes and the mighty National with a new track Fireproof some Ivor Cutler and Lou Reed may take a spin on the organ. Plus The Boys Next Door May drop by

Plus a bunch more so come on in and please join us at Echolalia radio






White lines party! We dance in the headlights…

Echolalia Radio EP 11

Welcome to Episode 11 on Echolalia Radio. Poignant short poems, remixes, cut-ups, electronic deviants and guitar based brilliants are all on today’s menu.

We bring you fantastic spoken word from the late great political thinker Sekou Sundiata, a dark vision of society or simply a dream brought to you through the words of Princess Kelly poem White Line Therapy and some soundscape poetry from Amanda Stewart

Some short funny and telling poems from Robert S. FrostCharles Bukowski and  Robert Creeley.

Some more brilliants from The New Division and a fantastic track from Exsonvaldes. Sounds from an unstoppable musician Scott Weiland, sublime beauty from Beach Fossils,and a great new track from Only Real

and Lost In The Trees,

Groove jumping power from Tweakage,  electro education from Tingle In The Netherlands a glitchy variation from the mighty BATHS
and a wonderful version of Jim Morrisons Another Kiss from Sicmas

Come on and join our white line party its almost peak hour!


Glitching in the face of a digital Paradise


A balmy night calls for a glitchy soundtrack. Perfect for your midnight swim and roast swan feast. Here on Echolalia Radio

We feature some great spoken word, soundscape poetry and dark electronic madness perfect for your dinner party listening.

We are showcasing tracks from the amazing Mild Maynyrd‘s 4th album being released for a great cause through Black Lantern Music check any of those links or more info HERE

We are playing the amazing ‘Searching, White’ from the beautiful Silje Nes , Scott Walker gives us a powerful track ‘See You Don’t Bump His Head’ from Bish Bosh. TangType give us a great brilliant track Blank, Lackluster Eyes… Data Takes Over.

A beautiful slice of melancholy from Baths with Ironworks and Eaters upbeat Programme

Some sublime spoken soundscapes from Berlins Tarwater and Sydney’s Emily Grantham plus a cross conversation piece from New Yorks Bongwater.

Fantastic spoken word pieces from Gil Scott-Heron – On Coming From A Broken Home (Part 1) and Ken Nordine interprets some Edgar Allan Poe on The Conqueror Worm.

Plus much much more so come on in the waters fine

This is Echolalia Radio


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Love will Drown in a Clockwork Heart

Love Loss and Redemption are the poems and tracks we unfolded on this episode of Echolalia Radio

A dark & haunting spoken word piece from Diamanda Galás -I wake up & I see some Glitch theory from Wagon Christ with Bend Over and beautiful reflection from Allen Ginsberg in I’m An Old Man Now, And A Lonesome Man In Kansas. Eden Ahbez gives us an Ethereal look at love with Full Moon

Plus sweet longing from Vincent Gallo and a heart wrenching track from Reuben Hollebon. The Mountain Goats drop by with some lofi etchings and a great acoustic version of Edie (ciao baby) from The Cult.

We have a fantastic new track sent in from musician Wullae Wright and some stone cold classics from the likes of Sixto Rodriguez and The Velvet Underground

So in the words of Dylan Thomas

“Though lovers be lost, love shall not; And death shall have no dominion.”

Listen in and share the love HERE…

The Fog Rolled in… I Lost My Heart on the Tide

echo electro

Echo-Electro is the sound we are spreading in this powerful episode!
Some fantastic bands and poets have been in touch and we simply had to play them here on Echolalia Radio

The boys from The New Division  have been working hard on some new material so we thought we’d play you this superb track of theirs  PRIDE. Some hot electro from Manchester’s own Tingle In The Netherlands.

An absolutely fantastic poem from Helên Thomas, some words to consider from Buddy Wakefield and Poetic Death.

We drop a fabulous cover of TODAY from FORCE PUBLIQUE, some brilliant CYMBALS and a sweet colab from Clams Casino – Bookfiend Ft. DOOM. Plus Torn Between the Tides from the mighty Song of Return

Plus much much more so do strap in this rocket ship is leaving now